26 April, 2018


FoscaFilms is a film and tv production company, launched by David Ciurana in 2008, with the aim to develop, produce and finance high quality, edgy and thought-provoking films and television series for both specialized and mainstream audience.

FoscaFilms has produced four feature films: Formentera Lady, by Pau Durà; Blue Lips, directed by Nacho Ruipérez among others: Fill de Caín (Son of Cain), directed by Jesús Monllaó and All is in the air, directed by David Ciurana and Ángel Penalva. It has also produced a documentary TV series, Fiestas Worldwide and 9 short films.

Upcoming FoscaFilms productions include: Birds (‘Pájaros’) written and directed by Pau Durà, Sympathy for killers, created by Carlor C. Tomé, Sandra Lopez and Victor Català; Toscana, written by pau Durà and Take Over, an horror film.

FoscaFilms is a part of FoscaStudios.