27 April, 2018

NORMAL (2011)


“Q. walks through the streets of the city. Suddenly, he stops and laying down on the ground. People look at him, a girl is about to trip over him, a man comes to see what’s wrong, but Q tells them he’s okay. More people are staring around Q. A young person who is angry about Q’s attitude asks why he is lying on the floor and bothering and Q tells him that he just wanted to rest for a while. This answer do not like to people because it is not normal to lay down on the street and they want him to get up.”




8 min. HD / Color

Director: David Ciurana
Cast: Francesc Garrido, Juli Cantó, Ramon Madaula, Lluís Marco, Marta Marco, Paula  Blanco, Mar Ulldemolins and Montse Guallar
Production: David Ciurana
A production of Fosca Films

Executive production: Ángel Penalva
Assistant Director: Ángel Penalva
Script: David Ciurana
Director of photography: David Valldepérez
Editing: Joan Salmeron

Production Manager: Laia Mateu
Sound director: Xavi Félez
Sound: Jaume Llorens and Juan Segura
Costume: Dolors Ciurana
Makeup and Hairdressing: Nayeli González

FEC – Cambrils Reus 2012
Curtficcions 2012