26 April, 2018

SON OF CAÍN (2012)


“Nico Albert is a teenager with a peculiar character, exceptional intelligence and a unique obsession: chess. Carlos and Coral, concerned about the strange attitude of their son, decide to hire a child phychologist, Julio Beltrán. Through therapy and the common hobby of chess, Julio will study thoroughly the disturbing world of Nico and the complex relationships of this apparently normal family. Discovering the truth in time will be the only option to prevent the essence of evil from dominating their lives.”



90 min. HD / Color

Director: Jesús Monllaó
Cast:  José Coronado, Julio Manrique, David Solans, Maria Molins, Mercè Rovira and Abril García
Production: Sebastià Mery
A co-production of Life&Pictures, Salto de Eje and Fosca Films

Executive production: Sebastià Mery
Executive co-production: Miguel Ángel Buttini and David Ciurana
Script: Sergio Barrejón and David Victori
Music: Ethan Lewis Maltby
Director of photography: Jordi Bransuela

Editing and post-production: Bernat Aragonés
Art director: Josep Massagué
Production manager: Ivan S. Mas
Costume: Núria Anglada
Sound: Isaac Bonfill

Malaga Film Festival. Official section of feature films to contest. 2013
Gaudí Awards. 8 nominations including Best Film. 2013