27 April, 2018



“Splendid is a famous and undefeated racehorse. All of a sudden, he starts losing races. One, two, three in a row. Emilio Sierra, its owner, tries to recover in every possible way, but does not succeed. Then he decides to sacrifice him believing the horse is sick. At the last moment, Carlos Rojas, a young veterinarian, appears, who saves the horse with the simplest and most surprising treatment. Splendid returns to run and win.”



6 min. 35mm / Color

Director: David Ciurana
Cast: Pau Durà, Carles Sales, Dafnis Balduz, Joan Massotkleiner, Raquel Izaguirre and Oscar Llobet
Production: Carlos Nistal and David Ciurana
A production of Fosca Films

Script: David Ciurana
Director of photography: Oriol Bosch
Production Manager: Laia Mateu
Assistant Director: Angel Penalva

Art Director: Nura de Diego
Costume: Ana Morera and Andrea Pi-Suñer
Sound: Xavi Felez and Francisco Duque
Makeup: Alejandra Borre

Short Film Corner 2008.  Cannes Film Festival.
Busho Film Festival. Budapest, Hungary. Official section competition. September 2008
Raindance Film Festival. London. United Kingdom.Official section competition. October 2008
Filmets International Film Festival. Badalona. Spain. Official section competition. November 2008.
Curtficcions 2009. Barcelona. Spain. Official section competition. January 2009.
FEC -Cambrils-Reus. 2009.Official section competition. February 2009
Celrà Film Festival. Girona. Official section competition. March 2009
Algarve International Film Festival – FICA 2009. Portimao, Portugal. May 2009.
ShortCat. Short Film Corner 2009. Cannes Film Festival. May 2009
Short Film Contest of the Chamartín district-Madrid. June 2009.
Elche Independent Film Festival. July 2009.